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English Langauge, Undergraduate & Postgraduate Studies for International Students. Occupational Training for Working Professionals

Solicare Network of International Providers

Solicare UK Limited is a Network of Professional Service Providers, comprising of specialists in fields of:

* Careers Guidance & Psychotherapy Practices,

* Occupational Awareness & Professional Training

* Higher Education & Academic Services,

* Public Services Assessment & Management

* Social & Community Regeneration (including

children services, rehabilitation services and in

healthcare practices)


Our aim is to raise the standards of education, services, occupations and staff working within organisations

Our activities currently include the provision of international and UK-based services mostly for the benefit of public services, social interest companies and educational institutes; in the UK and abroad.



The International Education & Training Partnerships (IETP)

For negotiating and managing partnerships between academic institutes, with the aim of introducing and delivering recognised international qualifications

British Education Centre (BEC)

For the introduction of approved Higher Education Centres at international locations and for offering academic guidance to students and professionals seeking recognised UK qualifications.

Solicare UK

For Business Development, Executive & SME Coaching and for Social & Welfare Support Services in the UK

Solicare International

For the introduction of Work-based Learning programmes and for Occupational Training, leading to recognised and professional awards at UK and international locations.

Euro Business & Risk Management Cooperative  (est. in the UK, 1996)



The Lead Practitioner of Solicare UK is a nationally registered providers with the Career Development Institute (CDI), delivering Guidance Practices (1-1 or in groups) within the context of Advice, Advocacy, Careers & Occupational Awareness, Counselling and Psychotherapy.



Solicare International & British Education Centre

(Excellence in Education, Careers & Occupational Awareness)

For raising the standards of Education, Occupations and Staff within organisations and for enhanced public services


Key Areas of Expertise

  • Assessment & Analysis of Academic Services
  • Programmes for Primary & Secondary Education
  • Pathways to Further and Higher Education
  • Adult Foundation & Undergraduate Studies
  • Guidance into Graduate & Postgraduate Studies
  • Occupational Awareness & Awards
  • Work-based Learning & Professional Training
  • Projects Management & Executive Coaching Programmes
  • Psychotherapy & Careers Guidance Service
  • Access to Employment & Employer Relations
  • Youth-Children Development and Intensive Support


Current proposed Projects & Services

  • § Nursing Training & Foundation Programmes (Int.)
  • § Healthcare Services & Staff Development (Int.)
  • § Training & Occupational Awareness Programmes (Int.)
  • § Professional Training & Postgraduate Awards (Int.)
  • §  Higher Education Institutes Management (Int.)
  • §  Primary & Secondary Education Development (Int.)
  • § Youth Development & Children Services (UK)
  • § Cognitive & Motivational Awareness Skills (UK)
  • § Careers Guidance & Psychotherapy Services (UK)
  • § Job Matching & Job Search Skills Programme (UK)
  • § Training and Work-Based Programmes (UK/Int.)
  • § Postgraduate Studies in Management (UK/Int.)
  • § Accountancy & Banking Professional Studies (UK/Int.)
  • § International Students University Placements (UK)
  • § English for Professional & Technical Services (UK/Int.)
  • § English for Academic & University Studies (UK/Int.)


Initial Assessments of Training & Development Needs

Solicare specialist consultants from the UK are skilled in the provision of Audits to determine your business and staffing development needs and to enable the provision of bespoke public services, Work-based learning, in-house occupational training and academic qualifications.

For further information, please contact: or telephone: 00 44 (0) 7447 026644


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