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  1. As an undergraduate and ptaagrsdutoe CUHK degree holder since 2008, Mr Jobless may wish to consider the following:i. improve his writing English (especially as a ptaagrsdutoe degree holder)ii. improve his basic grammar eg. write a e-mail write AN e-mail (not to mention auto spell-check and grammar-check are often available for use)iii. revisit his social values (most people, except the fortunate few, do indeed WORK HARD in order to indulge in luxurious spendingSeveral questions outstanding as follow:i. did Mr Jobless ever consider seeking alternative or interim career path aside from Statistics in order to support his own living rather than relying solely on social benefits eg. working in a less than ideal environment (eg. part-timing at 7-11) until he finds his dream job whatever that is?ii. did Mr Jobless make a conscious decision of using the precious internet spend onwriting the above email rather than job seeking online?iii. did Mr Jobless ever consider up-skilling or multi-skilling himself in different areas (eg. communication, foreign languages etc) to make his total package more appealing and competitive among perspective job candidates?

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