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English Langauge, Undergraduate & Postgraduate Studies for International Students. Occupational Training for Working Professionals

Advanced Leadership & Corporate Skills

Advanced Leadership & Corporate Skills

Postgraduate Diploma/Master in Occupational & Academic Studies     (Stage 8) – UK or at International Locations


Who for?

Beneficiaries may include large and national organsations and their leaders who are responsible for public or private sector initiatives, organisations or public sector services.  This programme is aimed specifically at international or EU directors and leaders of organisations, who intend to raise their awareness and work-related skills for improving their daily tasks, senior management skills and/or for achieving their organsiational goals, objectives and targets.   Consultancy and support services will be tailored within organsiations, across regions as well as extended from the UK by highly skilled consultants and experts in relevant fields.


Ciosnultancy services may include: 

– Training Management, S8

– Projects Management, S8

– Leadership & Management, S8

– Strategic Management, S8

– Operations Management, S8

– Human Resources Management, S8

– Financial Services Management, S8

– Business Administration Management, S8

– Strategic Management, S8

– Compliance & Quality Management, S8

Other Consultancy Areas Available on Request


Current Programmes:

Programmes are tailored specifically to meet individual directors, senior management groups and overall organsiational requirements.  Learning and Guidance Support including consultancy and hands-on-training in:

– Policy Formulation and Strategic Implementaions

– Functional Design and Public Services Re-structuring

– Human Resourcs Development

– Operations & Performance Enhancement

– Auditing & Inspection Programmes (for enhanced QA frameworks)


Duration:  On-going, dependant on individual requirements

Scheduled Start Dates: with immediate effect following analysis of needs

Consultancy Fees: Negotiable, depending on indivdiua inititaive/project.

Min Number of Candidates Per Group: 10  (Full Fee payable before start date)

Locations: at any international location as may be possible

Support Methods: Face-to- Face Cosnultancy, Inspection Visit, Video Conferencing, Individual assistance and distant support to each organisation/leader by highly skilled consultants and experts from the UK.



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