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Solicare UK- Registered Careers Guidance Services

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For Adult Learners & School Leavers, (UK-wide)

• Are you an Adult seeking Training or Higher Education?

• Are You a School Leaver needing Occupational or SolicareWeb- Study2MenAcademic Guidance?

• Would you like support in enrolling at a UK/USA College or University?

• Would you like help in finding a suitable Training, Work Experience or support on how to develop your preferred professional career or business ideas?

Find out about Solicare UK’s Accredited Academic and Occupational Guidance Services, offering you Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) that is delivered by nationally registered Senior Guidance Practitioner(s) across the UK and at many international locations



1) Study Routes for International Student (study in the UK or the USA)

Full Time University & College: Diplomas, Degree and Research Studies                                                     SolicareWeb- LibraryGirl





If you would like support in making applications to UK universities, colleges or to any other institutes for suitable study programmes, please forward your “fully translated CV, a copy of your passport ID, your last achieved certificate with transcript and your most recent IELTS/TOFEL results” to Solicare UK via  or follow this link: How to Apply



2) Study Routes for Continued Professional Development                                         (study in the UK or in your home country)


(Recognised, Intensive and Short Professional Studies)





If you would like support in finding an occupational training award and/or a qualifying route, suitable for your professional development and to your occupational requirements, please forward your “Fully Translated CV” with an email detailing your career development needs to:

How to Apply

On receipt of your intial enquiry, Solicare UK will link you up with a skilled Careers Guidance Practitioner, to help you identify the most suitable career options for you.



3) Solicare UK- Registered & Accredited Academic Guidance Practices

Delivered by Approved Careers Guidance Practitioners (UK-wide)

The Lead Consultant of Solicare UK is a nationallySolicareWeb- CDI-CPA Reg

Registered provider for the Career Development

Institute and a chartered member of the Careers

Professional Alliance, UK-wide. Our services comprise of Guidance Practices (in 1-1 or group work sessions) offering services consisting of Advice, Advocacy, Careers Guidance, Occupational Training, Educational Studies, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

ارشادات اكاديمية معتمدة

(معلومات ونصائح وارشادات موثوق بها)

تقدم لك من خلال اخصائين مسجلين و مقيدين ومعترف بهم داخل بريطانيا وخارجها

هل لديك منحة او دعم مادي شامل لمتابعة دراساتك العليا في بريطانيا او الولايات المتحدة؟

هل ترغب بالحصول على مساندة ومتابعة من مرشدين اكاديمين بريطانين مسجلين ومعتمدين من قبل النقابات والدوائرالمختصة ومرتبطين مع الجامعات والمعاهد البريطانية وفي الولايات المتحدة؟

هل ترغب بالحصول على مساعدة بتجهيز وتقديم طلبك الدراسي وتثبيت قبول من جامعة او كلية او من مدرسة لغة معترف بها وبمختلف االمجالات الاختصاصية وبحيث تكون ايضاً مناسبة لك؟

  برامج تقوية وتاسيس ودراسات جامعية

دراسات تاهيل ولمتابعة الدراسات العليا في جامعات معتمدة

IELTS دراسات التقوية باللغة الانجليزية مع اعداد لامتحانات الايلتس

دراسات السنة التحضيرية للتأسيس ولمتابعة البكالوريس اوالماجستيرالجامعي

دراسات البكالوريس الجامعي في جميع الاختصاصات

دراسات الماجستيرالجامعي في جميع الاختصاصات

لمزيد من المعلومات والحصول على دعم كافي لتوفير مقعدك الدراسي المناسب

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4) Consultancy & Guidance for Businesses & Public Service Providers

Senior members of Solicare UK are also skilled in carryingSolicareWeb- LondonImage-BT

out Business Risk Assessments and Improvement/Quality

Management Initiatives, with added expertise and in-depth

knowledge in Business & Trade Expansions, Customer Service

Developments, Public Sector Initiatives, Risk & Security

Management, Operations and Strategic Leaderships,

Supervisory Skills, Staff Development, etc.


Solicare UK LimitedSolicareWeb- Sol.UK.SmallLogo

Tel:             00 44 1843 835968

Fax:            00 44 1843 835557SolicareWeb-Academic-Occup-Title2.png

Mobile:       00 44 7447 026644

Email: 3InitiativesLogos


Incorporated in the United Kingdom                                                                      Company No. 6528162                                                                                            Established in the UK since 1996, as Euro BRMC

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