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About Solicare UK

Solicare (UK) Limited  was initially introduced in the UK in 1996, as “Euro Business & Risk Management Cooperative Consultancies” (Euro BRMCC).  It presently comprises of three initiatives:SolicareWeb- 3InitiativesLogos

1) Solicare International,

2) British Education Centre (BEC) and

3) the International Education & Training Partnership (the IETP).

The above three initiatives continue to work jointly on developing the Solicare Network of Specialist  Training Providers, hence  constantly attracting successful consultants and  progressive organisations from across the UK.

Over the past 20 years our provisions consisted of international and UK-based services mostly for the benefit of public services, academic establishments, UK-based training providers, social interest companies and to a variety of trading businesses.  Our consultancy services  are presently focused at areas related to Work-based Learning, Continued Professionals Development, Staff Training & Development and at introducing a wide-range of Quality Improvement Services to most industries.

Our ability to meet the ongoing demands of business customers and training candidates is based on the utilisation of an ever expanding Network of Professional Consultants from across the UK, many of whom are specialists in fields of Management Training, Higher Education, Business Development, etc.  These enable us tailor our provisions to help achieve the aims and objectives of each project, through immediate access to a wealth of information, proven related expertise and a pool of dedicated specialists, keen to implement “Effective Led Practices”.


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Solicare UK- Registered Careers Guidance ServicesSolicareWeb- 3CareersRegLogos

The Lead Consultant of Solicare UK is a nationally registered provider for the Career Development Institute and a chartered member of the Careers Professional Alliance, UK-wide.


Our services comprise of Guidance Practices (in 1-1 or group work sessions) offering services consisting of Advice, Advocacy, Careers  Guidance, Occupational Training,  Educational Studies, Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Senior members of Solicare UK are also skilled in carrying out Business Risk Assessments  and Improvement/Quality Management Initiatives, with added expertise and in-depth knowledge in Business  & Trade Expansions, Customer Service Developments, Public Sector Initiatives, Risk & Security Management, Operations and

Strategic Leaderships, Supervisory Skills, Staff Development, etc.

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